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October 25, 2017

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Are you Happy with your Life?

May 16, 2019

How often in a day, you get negative thoughts about may be your job, your personal life etc?

Do you feel happy and content with the way life is going on for you?

Are you happy with the way things have turned up for you?




If the answer to above questions is a BIG YESSS!, without thinking much, kudos to you for feeling that way :)

BUT if you feel lonely, negativity is around your mind for some or the other reason, would like to change the way things are for you currently....may be this blog post can be of any help or give you some kind of motivation to start your day!



To start with, I am someone who doesnt have a lot of patience when handling a difficult situation and it does take a toll on me and I get stressed out very easily....BUT in that situation after I calm down a bit, I ask myself -





If you are unhappy, you have two options: Either you can complain about it and hope it magically changes and do nothing about it , or you can work on it to make a change.


Very often, people know that they have to do something to change the way things are but they just don't know what to do because of lack of direction.


I am writing this to talk about the steps I follow to make myself happy and content in difficult times -


1) First determine why you feel so unhappy.


You need to calm down, sit down alone and pen out everything which is giving you this unhappiness as there can be many reasons behind this feeling.

Be it your job, fight with a friend or family, breakup, divorce, the way someone treats you.


Always know in your heart that whatever current situation you are in, its not going to remain the same and it will soon change if you work on it AS CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT.




2) Be Positive.


This step take lots of self practice and doesn't come easily. EASIER SAID THAN DONE.

I myself struggle so much here and thatswhy I decide to say positive saying to myself every morning when I wake up -" Be positive", "you got this!", " I will get through this day" , "one step at a time", "Tomorrow has something better for you in the store"


"Sometime  all need to do is talk to a friend or your spouse/partner or siblings or parents, and they can turn your worse days to the better ones.

Taking advise and talking about stupid things with your friends/family is all you need sometimes to think positive that if you have such wonderful people around you, come what may and you will cross that hurdle for sure."


With my own personal experience, I now understand that if for a long period of time when you say or feel negative about something, that ultimately brings in the bad news so if you surround yourself with positive thoughts , as they say  -“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”, you will start to feel that everything positive is happening around you.


So if you change your attitude a lit bit and believe that you are fully capable of changing your situation, it can lead to a happy life for sure, if not the perfect one!


3) Don't self-doubt and plan out.


If you dont work on it it wont change, so stop doubting yourself and make a plan keeping in mind your end goal.


If you feel -


"I am overweight and won't ever shed weight"

"I am too skinny and will never gain weight"

"I am too scared to change my job because what if I cannot perform"

"I am too old to get married again"

"I am not not good enough to find my soulmate"

"I am too old to learn something new or study again"


Remember, these are just mere excuses to not do anything about the current situation, you want things to magically change and they wont if you dont stop self-doubting yourself.


Make a plan on how to achieve your goal and feel confident in whatever you create for yourself. You might make mistakes, the plan might be failed, may be you will not succeed in one time but DON'T GIVE UP. You only learn from your own mistakes.


If you don’t take action there is only one guarantee, and that is your situation will never improve and you will remain unhappy.


I LOVE THIS POEM BY the Great Indian Poet - Harivansh Rai Bachchan- (The original language is Hindi, Indian Language, written in English for easy reading)


Lehron se darkar nauka paar nahin hoti,

koshish karne walon ki haar nahin hoti,


Nanhi cheenti jab daana lekar chalti hai,Chadti deewaron par, sau bar phisalti hai.

Man ka vishwas ragon mein saahas bharta hai,chadhkar girna, girkar chadhna na akharta hai.

Akhir uski mehnat bekaar nahin hoti,

koshish karne walon ki haar nahin hoti.


Dubkiyan sindhu mein gotakhor lagata hai,jaa jaa kar khali haath lautkar aata hai.

Milte nahi sahaj hi moti gehre paani mein,badhta dugna utsah isi hairani mein..

Muthi uski khali har baar nahi hoti,

Koshish karne walon ki haar nahi hoti..


Asaflta ek chunauti hai, ise sweekaar karo,

kya kami reh gayi, dekho aur sudhar karo.

Jab tak na safal ho, neend chain ko tyago tum,

Sangharsh ka maidan chhodkar mat bhago tum.Kuch kiye bina hi jai jaikar nahin hoti,

koshish karne walon ki haar nahin hoti.





Do share what you do to make yourself happy and content?

I would love to know your thoughts on this topic for sure....




Till then,










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