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October 25, 2017

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Chesapeake Bay Candles - A way to relieve stress!

July 20, 2018


I am someone who overthinks at smallest of the things and gets stressed out very easily. It definitely takes a toll on my mental and physical health. I try to read and find ways which can help me in relieving stress and it's still work in progress but here I am talking about all the ways which acts as a stress reliever for me and make me feel better and positive . Hope that can help you guys as well.




1) LIMIT YOUR TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND INSTEAD INVEST THAT TIME IN READING OR WATCHING SOMETHING MOTIVATIONAL/INSPIRATIONAL/POSITIVE - In this world where everything starts with social media and ends at it, its difficult to not feel stressed out. We constantly compare our life with others and if someone looks happy in their pictures, we assume they are the happiest and they have the best life BUT WE FORGET that everyone shows their happy face on the social media, nobody wants to post when they are at their worst. 

The more time you spend on Instagram, Facebook more you compare your life with others. So make conscious effort to not be on social media for more than 2 hours in a day and rather invest that time in watching some inspirational documentary or you tube video, read a book or quotes or some positive article. This all definitely helps in feeling positive even though when things are not always positive in real. But when you feel good from inside, you will eventually look at the things in a positive way.


2) SHOPPING/ WINDOW SHOPPING ONLINE OR IN STORE - Haha not sure if it applies to everyone but it definitely is a stress buster for me. I keep looking at the latest trends, make a list of brands/products I would like to buy someday. Going to a mall and even buying a $10 item give me that happiness and makes me a happy girl.  Try retail therapy sometimes when you are not feeling your best and may be you ll thank me later :)


3) PLANNING FOR NEXT VACATION/ MAKING A TRAVEL WISH LIST - I love exploring new places and would love to travel the world one day with my husband, whenever I am not feeling good or stressed out, I browse for new travel destinations, look for flights, hotels and places to visit. This gives me happiness. I love planning for our vacation and my window shopping helps me a lot when we make any travel plans for real and makes my husbands job easy for sure :) I know secretly he thanks me for that.


4) TAKE A RELAXING BATH WITH GOOD MUSIC, WINE and BATH BOMB/EPSOM SALT - Taking a good relaxing bath relieves all my mental and physical stress after a long day at work.


5) LIGHT CANDLES - I am one person who hates strong smells be it perfume or candles or food. I get nausea if the smell is too strong and thatswhy I am always looking for fragrances which are not very strong but subtle and light. Lighting a candle while I am cooking dinner is my favorite thing to do. It gives that calm and soothing vibe and if the candles smell good then its like cherry on the cake.

Collaborating with Chesapeake Bay Candles gave me immense pleasure and happiness as their candles are top notch quality with exactly the right amount of fragrance. They have candles dedicated to different moods which makes them extra special. The packaging of each candle is so good that you can easily make any corner of your house look pretty by keeping them. They are available on Amazon and I have linked all the candles I received.

I received total of 6 candles, 3 from their MIND & BODY Collection and 3 from THE HERITAGE Collection.


  • Mind & Body Balance + Harmony Candle - The combination of juicy tropical fruits, ripened peach, and delicious pear rises through the soul of this harmonious fragrance. Fresh petals of rose, violet, waterlily and cyclamen dance around watery greens and creamy coconut. Add a sense of balance to your interior and bring the outdoors in as sandalwood fuses with the green foliage and subtle rosewood.


  • Mind & Body Peace + Tranquility Candle - Fresh clean and airy notes of lily of the valley and bergamot do not betray the relaxing nature of this fragrant aroma. Escape into the comforting arms of exotic jasmine, cotton blossom and rose as they soften the atmosphere. This peaceful floral combination pleasantly rests on delicate cashmere woods, white musk and sandalwood.



  • Mind & Body Simplicity + Hope Candle - An invigorating, herbal first impression of mint leaves and lime elevates spirits like a good melody or kind words from a friend. Lavender and rose bloom in harmony amongst aromatic eucalyptus celebrating the beauty and simplicity of nature. The refreshing and hopeful scent of green foliage and spearmint revive the soul.


  • Heritage Wild Lemongrass Candle - This uplifting fresh scent opens with bursts of sparkling verbena, aromatic lavender, and cool garden mint. Essences of wild lemongrass and eucalyptus, reminiscent of a sun-filled landscape, complement the citrus green core while notes of thyme and coriander ground the composition.


  • Heritage Driftwood & Amber Candle -  Sun soaked driftwood and coconut water wash over the white hot sands of the bay. Silky gardenia and cashmere-infused vanilla sink into a musky base of sandalwood and amber. Experience the authentic and peaceful scene of the Chesapeake Bay.


  • Heritage White Gardenia Candle - The opulent scents of tiare petals and coconut milk transport us to blooming flower gardens at dusk – filled with jasmine, orange flower, and gardenia. The fragrance rests on sensual and romantic notes of frankincense, spices, amber, vanilla, and patchouli.


Hope these ways can help you to relieve your stress somewhat, do let me know in the comments section what other ways you de-stress yourself :)


Till then,























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