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October 25, 2017

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Supporting New Brands - Amazing10 Skin Care!

May 11, 2018


When I started blogging, I remember how difficult it was to collaborate with brands thinking why would they trust me when I have just started and when there are so many well established bloggers but if you are good in what you do, there will always be people supporting you and showing interest. I am forever grateful to all those brands who believed in me and collaborated with me when I needed them the most. 

Today, I can totally relate with the brands who are just starting off and need our support in establishing themselves. Social media is such a strong place where word of mouth definitely goes a long way.



This post is all about a skin care brand - Amazing10 which sell scrubs under the name KAPUA Coconut Sugar Body Scrub .They make these amazing body scrubs which you will love for your life. I agreed to partner with them after looking at their beautiful packaging and reading about how and why they started making body scrubs. 

Their story is quite interesting - "After moving from Jamaica, a humid tropical country to the dry state -Arizona, they decided to make products which are truly nourishing and moisturizing for the skin with best essential oils in it and which are free of Parabens, Sulfates, Artificial Colorants, Mineral Oil and Petroleum.





They sent me 3 of their body scrubs -

 1) Take My Stress Away- with Lavender essential oil, Lavender buds, Scotch pine essential oil

 Lavender is known for its relaxing effects on the body and helps in relieving stress,       promote sleep and reduce skin inflammation.

 This is my personal favorite because I am always up for anything floral especially lavender   and Jasmine.




2) You Brighten My Day - with Lemon essential oil, Turmeric powder

Lemon essential oil is an astringent and detoxifying in nature, and its antiseptic properties helps in treating many skin disorders. It also helps in removing dead skin and it penetrates in the body to increase blood circulation.

Turmeric as a matter of fact, has always been used in skin care because of its antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

I love anything with turmeric  in it for obvious mentioned skin benefits :)




3) Need a Boost- with Charcoal Powder, Peppermint essential oil, Bergamot essential oil

Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poison and dirt from the skin helping in achieving that flawless complexion.

Peppermint has its calming and very soothing effect and aroma which works to brighten dull skin.




I have been using all the scrubs for last few weeks rotating each one of them every week and love how it makes my skin smooth and moisturizing especially if you live in Arizona. 



I hope you like my review and if you are up for supporting small brands, click on the link above for each of the products and try them out. They are super cheap as well. Just $14.99 for 12oz.


Till then,











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